If it has not been made law in your city, it soon will be, of that you can be pretty sure. Because in case you have not noticed; the sense of urgency for green office cleaning services austin tx contracts appears to have grown stronger, whether this is already legislated or not may even be beside the point.

Because the state of Texas has not been any less affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, as has been the case for most of, in fact, pretty much the entire country. At the time of writing, its heading to a year now. The first news that broke.

In the Far East, news broke that there was a virus outbreak. As you recall, no one really took it that seriously because it was something that happened before. And as they say; after a while, it just blew over. But not this time, as well you should know by now. There is also talk that this pandemic could also be a consequence of global warming and climate change. And how people have been living and working in congested areas for who knows how long already.

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Even so, there is simply no going back to the way things were before the first infections arrived in the city. Today, it’s already been saddled as the ‘new normal’. But when you think about it; it is all to the good. What lessons you learn about life and work when a major crisis hits you. And you can also remember how it was when the financial crisis hit. At the time of writing, it’s already over ten years ago already.

And of course, there was also this. 9/11. These days people are a lot more careful, of that you would surely agree.